Elementary school visual culture. More on this to come.

Juice box talkin’

Tomorrow night at Access Gallery we’ll be talking about this colour bar juice box research we did with some kids in Toronto. Excited to share the stage with Cindy Mochizuki, Helen Reed, Kimberly Phillips and Vanessa Kwan.

‘Your LUPInes our your life’ LIVES

Feeling great about seeing Tragedy Plus Time, in print form, at Read Books today (and our work is on the cover)! Thanks to Blair Fornwald, Jennifer Matotek, and Wendy Peart at the Dunlop Art Gallery.

For a new Accessibility

We’ll be working to channel this guy at our talk this week (yes, we’ll have a cotton candy maker with us). Grateful to have been invited by Gallery Gachet, via Carmen Papalia, to present at the upcoming FANA Convergence.


It’s listed and really happening. See Black Dog Publishing list of Spring 2016 release titles and stay tuned for the launch of our book Multiple Elementary. We’ve been toiling on this for nearly 3 years and are excited to release 7 newly-commissioned texts by Sita Bhaumik, Mark Clintberg, Jack Halberstam, Sydney Hermant, Vesna Krstich, Stephanie Springgay and Maiko Tanaka.


Your Lupines or Your Life has been included in the following exhibition in Kansas City, MO:

Disturbances in the Field, at Charlotte Street Foundation’s la Esquina Gallery May 8 to June 13, 2015, brings together contemporary practitioners–artists, writers, and activists–whose work hinges on moments that offer a break from the ordinary, a deviation from the status quo. This multi-disciplinary exhibition defines “disturbance” in a broad sense–an interruption, distraction, agitation, upheaval or disruption–perhaps a creative disruption. Disturbances at once attune the senses and stimulate the mind, bringing a pause that allows one to reconsider and to ponder anew or re-form what was expected.

Visually, linguistically and experientially, this exhibition and associated programs investigate disturbances as potentially generative. What can emerge, mutate, transform or co-evolve when we’re caught off guard, become ruffled, perturbed or are otherwise disturbed? Following conceptual, nonlinear threads, this exhibition insists that a disturbance can be productive or generative: thought, action or reaction inducing.

Disturbances in the Field is curated by Lacey Wozny.

Participants: Cyrus Console, Scott Dickson, Casey Dobbins, Leo Esquivel, Amanda Gehin, Shawn E. Hansen, Erika Lynne Hanson, Hannah Jickling & Helen Reed, Judith G. Levy, Sarah Lewison & duskin drum, Vanessa Norton.

the bookmobile book has arrived at the ecuad library

Oh the punk days! So glad that this book is OUT and honoured to have been included on tour (way back in 2005) and in print (page 59). Check it out.


This just in! The Nida Art Colony Log documenting projects and research from artists-in-residence and techno-ecologies participants in 2014. Here’s our spread for the Beaver Mat and Faggot Shack…



Sou’wester residency

So pleased to be back at the Sou’Wester for a mini residency. Grateful for this uninterrupted time to get our book project together.


Your Lupines or Your Life now showing at the Dunlop Art Gallery as part of their current exhibition, Tragedy Plus Time. Curated by Blair Fornwald, Jennifer Matotek, and Wendy Peart, the show features work by:

Sonny Assu, BGL, Michel de Broin, Jason Cawood, Mark Clintberg, Troy Coulterman, Robyn Cumming, Thirza Cuthand, Keren Cytter, Kim Dorland, Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby, Erica Eyres, Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed, Alison S. M. Kobayashi with Christopher Allen, Divya Mehra, Christine Negus, Craig Francis Power, Joshua and Zakary Sandler, and Walter Scott

July 4 – August 27, 2014


I have been selected to create a permanent public artwork for the new Mountain Equipment Co-op Headquarters in Vancouver. Located on the north side of Great Northern way at Glen, and alongside a two-way thoroughfare for self-propelled cyclists, Data Pumps anticipates the inevitable movement of bodies throughout the city and insists on the usability of its surface as a pubic artwork. Data Pumps functions as work of urban land art, a contemplative viewpoint for passers-by and a recreational terrain designed to invoke a limitless series of performances.

We Won’t Compete

Really excited to have been selected by the Feminist Art Gallery to be part of their show at the Art Gallery of Windsor, opening in late April.

Yukon, North of Ordinary

The latest issue of Yukon, North of Ordinary is hot-ish off the press with a small article about my practice as it’s been informed by growing-up in Whitehorse.  Thanks to Aimée Dawn Robinson for making this happen, and gratitude to Cassandra Tavukciyan for her amazing photos. Looking forward to having this piece in the seat-pockets of every Air North plane.  PDF here: northofordinary.

NOIT – 1

Our Incidental Pancake project has been included in Flat Time House‘s inaugural issue of NOIT.


We are excited, as always, to work with Antony Hudek (who edited this issue) and to be included alongside many other amazing contributors: Steven Ball, Simon Gould, Clive Phillpot, Bill Harpe, Jurgen Harten, Gustavo Grandal Montero, Rolf Sachsse, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Jakob Jakobsen, Joy Sleeman, William Cobbing, Roger Coward, John-Paul & Jenny Latham, Claire Louise Staunton, John A. Walker, Jo Melvin, Neal White, Lucy Lippard, Felicity Sparrow, David Harding, Juan Cruz, Athanasios Velios, Patrick Keiller, David Toop Nicholas Logsdail, Donald Smith, Jane England, Noa Latham, Helen Reed & Hannah Jickling, Guy Brett, John Stezaker, Elisa Kay, Jane England (on behalf of Albert Herbert), Foster Spragge, Bea McMahon, Penelope Curtis, Barbara Steveni, Anna Ridley, Garth Evans, Jane Rolo, Andrew Dipper, David Hall, Nicholas Tresilian & John Hill.

The picnic baskets are real

Here are some highlights from our MacDowell Colony residency: our studio, picnic baskets, tombstones, celery sticks, wandering 450 acres of MacDowell property and a 22 mile walk (expanded ramble) to/from Harrisville, NH.


Blake is real!


So pleased to have be invited to produce work for November’s FUSE at the Vancouver Art Gallery. See here for more information on the High Liability Line.

Your Lupines or Your Life showing as part of Recess Gallery’s Emerging Tactics

Emerging Tactics: Public Schools

08.01 – 08.23.13

Mon-Sat 11AM–8PM

Opening Reception:

08.01, 5–9 PM


PNCA Swigert Commons

1241 NW Johnson St.

Portland, OR 97209

Emerging Tactics is a new, three-part series of programming facilitated by RECESS from August through October of 2013 focusing on artists and projects that operate as innovative catalysts for social change. The first part of the series, Public Schools, is an artist-run free school that invites existing alternative education platforms to activate PNCA’s Swigert Commons during the month of August. We aim to highlight the variety of accessible modes of free education that already exist throughout the city. By merging these microcommunities under this ad-hoc platform, we aim to generate a new discourse around the possible means and shared tactics for learning together. Ephemera from this participatory series of free workshops, lectures, and classes will be added to an evolving built environment. Source material for each event will be compiled into a reader downloadable from the RECESS website. Hard-copies of the reader will also be available for participants to make use of in the Commons.

Participating artists and initiatives include Research Club, Red 76, Helen Reed, Hannah Jickling, Parallel University, Homeschool, Getting to Know You(tube), Classical Revolution, Community Supported Everything, and more.

This series is supported by a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council. The second installment of Emerging Tactics focusing on economic and labour issues will be on view at the Littman Gallery in September. The third and final exhibition at RECESS in October will highlight artists and projects that work to reinvigorate the quotidian.

To find out more information about participation, a detailed calendar of events, and to download the reader please visit: http://www.recessart.com/current



Helen picked-up this book at the MoMA last year.  Page 27 features this amazing photo combo…works by Harry Callahan and Jens S. Jensen.



Grant Writing

Almost done – what a crazy amount of paper.


This is a Noble Boulder Badge extracted from a painting by Berndt Lindholm that I grew attached to while in Rauma, Finland.  The boulder was produced as an embroidered badge (edition of 45), and awarded to participants during ‘Featured Features’ an orienteering-based art project (or art-based orienteering project?), I created this fall.  I have finally posted documentation of the project here.



Still going through old photos and am remembering it was only a year ago that we lived in Portland and didn’t know where we would be as of December 2012.  Who’s to say where will we be in December 2013?


Just looking through some old photos and found this one .  My dear friend Rebecca took it during our summer in Dawson City, (2006).

support structures

Going to Céline Condorelli’s workshop about Support Structures today.

to the source

Heading to London this week for a research trip as part of our ongoing work with The Pedagogical Impulse.  We’ll be interviewing Annette Krauss, Antony Hudek and Barbara Steveni in addition to visiting the Tate Archives (Artist Placement Group files), visiting the APG retrospective at Raven Row and stopping-in on some research/programming at Whitechapel Gallery and The Showroom Gallery.


Hannah Jicklingin ja Rasti-Lukon taidesuunnistustapahtuma.  Sunnuntaina 28.10.2012 klo 13.30 – 15.00. Ilmoittautuminen ja Vanhassa-Raumassa ja hieman sen ulkopuolella kulkevan reitin karttojen jako Café Salin Loungessa, Kuninkaankatu 22, klo 13.30-14.00. Ei osallistumismaksua. Koko perheen tapahtuma. Tervetuloa kaikki!

Raumars-taiteilijaresidenssissä vieraileva kanadalainen taiteilija ja suunnistaja Hannah Jickling venyttää humoristisella tavalla vakiintuneiden karttasymbolien merkityksiä. Osallistujat löytävät reitiltä epätavallisia vesireittejä, satunnaisia veistoksia, arvaamattomia installaatioita ja muita topografisia kuriositeetteja.

25 ensimmäiselle tapahtumaan ilmoittautuneelle brodeerattu “Ylväs siirtolohkare” -merkki.

Lisätietoja: hannah.miami@gmail.com 044 0959545 tai liisa.snellman@rolls-royce.com 040 5646987.

Kirkon portti – Santeri Salokivi, 1923. UPM-Kymmenen Kulttuurisäätiö.

the making of a noble boulder

Working on Featured Features, the art and orienteering project I am co-producing with Raumars and Rasti-Lukko in Rauma, Finland.  Here is a preview-of-a-preview of the prize: a limited edition of Noble Boulders.  More details soon…


squeaky brakes

Brick + Mortar International Video Art Festival

Excited to be programmed alongside some great artists and friends for the upcoming Brick + Mortar International Video Festival (October 12-13, 2012).  This years selection was assembled by Mass MoCA curator Denise Markonish.


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I want to let you know about my upcoming project and an opportunity to invest in an event-based artwork. I have been inspired by so many of the new and inventive funding models that artists have used to support their work.  Instead of using an existing platform, I am appealing to you directly, as an experiment in DIY crowd-sourcing.

I have been accepted to do a residency at Raumarsan international artist-in-residence program in Southwestern Finland, for seven weeks this fall.  While there, I will be collaborating with the local orienteering club in Raumaon the production of a project that will use the structure of orienteering as a system for navigating artworks and cultural institutions. Read this PDF for more info!

Raumars is one of very few residency programs that facilitates collaborative projects between artists and locals as their main programming mandate. This will provide unique and critical support for my practice. The residency is giving me a place to stay, a small stipend for materials and production assistance, but I still need financial support for travel, health insurance, food and additional project costs. These expenses will total an estimated $2500 – I NEED YOUR HELP TO RAISE THIS MONEY.

For each sliding-scale donation between $50 – $400, I will provide a limited edition photographic print from my work in Finland (approximately 10 x 14″, signed and numbered on the back, and sent to you). For donations under $50, I will send a hand-written postcard update from Rauma.

So, you want to invest in this work?!  Please pay what you can (and as much as you can).  Click the PayPal button below and enter the amount you would like to pay under ‘item price.’  You will be prompted for your address and will receive your piece-of-the-piece by the end of November.

Inline image 2

Inline image 1

Score O (2009), by Hannah Jickling.  Photo by Motoya Nakamura.

world portable gallery convention


August 2nd, 2012

HALIFAX – August 2nd, 2012 – Eyelevel Gallery announces the line up of artists and curators that will be in Halifax this September for the first ever World Portable Gallery Convention (WPGC).

With ground breaking this summer for the controversial Nova Centre, a massive $164-million convention centre to be built in downtown Halifax, there is a huge emphasis being put on the economic potentials of convening and networking. Against such a backdrop, the World Portable Gallery Convention 2012 brings together the more Lilliputian institutions and their shades of independence, who seek other effects and affects from intimate exchanges. Eyelevel Gallery has worked with guest curator Michael Eddy inviting curators from around the globe including; Craig Leonard (CA), Hannah Jickling (US/CA), Temporary Serivces (US), Judy Freya Sibayan (PH), Valerie LeBlanc and Daniel Dugas (CA), Kate Rich (UK), Ozawa Tsuyoshi (JP) and many more to flood unsuspecting corners of Halifax with contemporary art for the entire month of September 2012.

From September 1st – 29th, Eyelevel Gallery will function as a taxi-stand for up to fifteen portable and alternative exhibition venues, each weaving throughout the city of Halifax, making themselves available to the public on a “by chance or appointment” basis. Information flyers will be distributed throughout Halifax, jingles will be advertised on the radio with Eyelevel Gallery’s phone number, and WPGC 2012 operators will be ready to dispatch portable galleries to viewers.

In the convention taking place September 5th – 8th, presentations, performances, panel discussions, and events will playfully punctuate the gathering of local and international “industry professionals” (with appropriate levels of tongue-in-cheek). These contributions will open up dialogues on topics surrounding scale, autonomy, mobility, intimacy, as well as transitions from alternative to established, and the pathways between DIY and entrepreneur.

Eyelevel Gallery is a not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to the presentation, development and promotion of contemporary art. Through a range of programming initiatives such as exhibitions, performances, special projects, and workshops, Eyelevel Gallery has provided a forum for the discussion and education of contemporary visual art for 37 years.

Elizabeth Johnson
WPGC 2012 Coordinator


Helen and I are sorting through photos from several projects we did this spring.  Look for YOUR LUPINES OR YOUR LIFE soon – HERE.



Helen and I are excited to be a part of this show… opening/closing tomorrow night!


3rd and 4th floor Galleries
June 6-July 29 – Exhibition hours daily 12-5pm
Opening Reception June 28, 7pm-10pm

Featuring work by:
Steven Beckly, Sol Legaults, Cecilia Berkovic, Johnny Forever, Hannah Jickling & Helen Reed, Kyle Lasky, Elisha Lim, Mikiki, Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, LJ Roberts, Andrew Zealley.

Curated by Sholem Krishtalka

Our 3rd annual Pride exhibition, That’s So Gay, will explore notions of queer gender identity in order to highlight and challenge the overly simplistic view of “man” and “woman”.  Bending gender and objectification through many diverse lenses, That’s So Gay is sure to raise as many questions as it will answer

Curatorial Statement

Pride exhibits stereotypically involve representations of desire – men make art about male desire, women make art about female desire. In keeping with my ongoing project of using the That’s So Gay exhibit to expand on what Pride shows can be, and to use them to push and prod and stretch what “queer” can mean, I want to challenge that initial premise, and have male artists show work about women, and vice versa. This simplistic binary system itself raises an obvious and important issue: “man” and “woman” as gender identities, much less sexual object choices, are in and of themselves extremely complex, problematic and fluid. And an essential part of a queer life is the challenging and disruption of these categories.

I want to introduce this binary in order to demonstrate its overly-simplistic falseness. I want to disrupt the stereotypical representation of sexual-object-choice; I want to open up those binaries to free interpretation by the artists; I want to show artists who themselves identify somewhere in the huge spectrum that exists between these binaries, and whose work will thusly interpret gender and desire freely and openly.

-Sholem Krishtalka


We are honoured.  See more here.


We have been working with another 6th grade class exploring economy, value, surplus, speculative bubbles and humanitarian theft.  A few weeks ago, we went on a walkabout with the kids – looking for examples of surplus in the neighborhood.  A funeral home employee told one group that floral arrangements are a surplus… this is our first donation of somewhat morbid flowers.  We’ll bring them to class tomorrow to re-arrange with a guest florist.


Helen, Stephanie and I will be presenting different projects through our work with The Pedagogical Impulse this weekend at Open Engagement. We will be participating in an Alternative Schooling panel on Saturday, May 19 from 10:30 am – noon at 2000 SW 5th Ave (AB320) and will also be leading a workshop on Sunday, May 20 from 3 – 4:30 pm in the same place.


As a part of Open Engagement, I will be presenting a variety of ‘documents’ from my project, HOWARD HUTS, that I completed during a residency at the Multnomah Education Service District’s Outdoor School (Fall 2011). Highlights will include:








Find me, and all of these things, at:

HOWARD HUTS OPENING – at Field Work (1101 SW Jefferson St), Friday, May 18 from 5 – 7 pm for happy hour.  Beer and wine! A SURROUNDED SPACE THAT EXPANDS IN THE DIRECTION YOU WALK (a walking/talking panel organized by Dillon De Give) – meet outside Art Building (2000 SW 5th Ave), Saturday, May 19 from 3 – 4:30 pm.

Howard Huts is/was a series of embedded art-works and experiments produced in the woods near Corbett, Oregon in collaboration with 6th graders, high school students and staff of the Multnomah Education Service District’s Outdoor School. This project was initiated in parallel to ArtODS, a pilot project that began to incorporate the arts and creative practices into the existing curriculum and community life at Howard Outdoor School during the Fall of 2011. Both of these initiatives have been generously supported by; Friends of Outdoor School, the Gray Family Fund, the Wieden Family Public Fund and The Starseed Foundation.



Aski’s chocolate intestine inspired by Wim Delvoye’s Cloaca.


An Over Attachment or Excessive Engagement That Goes Beyond the Intellectual by Sarah Todd just published through Switch On, the Power Plant’s ‘online hub.’  Sarah talks about her own experiences surrounding the Cinenova collection and mentions our ‘enabling session’ through All Hands on the Archive, hosted by the FAG, the Power Plant and the AGYU.

something else that happened

something that happened



Through our work with The Pedagogical Impulse, we have been doing a residency at ‘Multiple Elementary,’ making limited editions of chocolates with a Grade 6 class.  Here are some process shots… stay tuned for a description and more images under PROJECTS (soon).

the oise library


Shots from our in-progress-installation at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.  Find more under PROJECTS or here soon.

winter on the baltic sea

Helen and I have be accepted to do a residency at the Nida Artists’ Colony in November/December 2012 – Lithuania, here we come.

commerce by artists

Join us in our up-coming-under-the-table-enterprise at Art Metropole’s book launch for ‘Commerce by Artists’ (edited by Luis Jacob).

Helen and I will be circulating an under-cover currency of LESBIAN CONFETTI – hand-made and hand-harvested fingernail clippings from real lesbians, friends of lesbians and the queer and questioning cats of lesbians. This byproduct of lesbian lifestyles achieves new value as a maximum visibility, biodegradable party supply.




veronica 4 rose

As part of Cinenova: All Hands on the Archive, a collaboration between the Feminist Art Gallery, the AGYU, and the Powerplant, Helen & I will be presentingVeronica 4 Rose, a 1983 documentary by Melanie Chait.

An audience of enablers cannot fail!

Helen and I are super excited to have been chosen as ‘enablers’ for this up-coming series at the FAG:

Cinenova: All Hands on the Archive

In conjunction with Will Munro: History, Glamour, Magic (11 January – 11 March, 2012), the Art Gallery of York University (AGYU) continues to celebrate the legacy of Toronto’s feminist and queer communitiesout there with Cinenova: All Hands on the Archive, the inaugural program of Feminist Art Gallery’s 2012 programming year.

Cinenova is a London-based, volunteer run, non-profit organization dedicated to the distribution of films and videos made by women. Cinenova is a cultural community and network for feminist film and video practice, but beyond that, it is an activist platform for making these practices known and publically accessible. Run by artists Allyson Mitchell and Deirdre Logue, the Feminist Art Gallery is a Toronto-based, volunteer-run, non-profit centre also firmly rooted in activism: hosting, funding, advocating, and supporting feminist practices, beyond gender and privilege.

All Hands on the Archive develops a dialogue between the work in the Cinenova collection and Toronto’s long-rooted feminist and queer histories as a means to access, activate, and animate both.

All Hands on the Archive Events

The month-long engagement with Cinenova begins on February 3 at The Department, 1389 Dundas Street West at 7:00 PM with a screening curated by Cinenova Working Group member Emma Hedditch. Presenting a program of work by two Toronto artists, Ronna Bloom’s I Feel Hopeful About the Future(1986) and Midi Onodera’s The Displaced View (1988), her selections foreground the local context for Cinenova’s international and intergenerational collection. Both artists join Emma Hedditch for a discussion following the screening.

From there, the programme relocates to FAG, 25 Seaforth Avenue, side gate, on Saturday February 4, 11, 18 and 25An Audience of Enablers Cannot Fail takes place from 1:00 to 5:00 pm and feature eight local artists, activists, or educators, who have been invited to animate the Cinenova collection from their particular point of view, selecting work for collective viewing and group discussion. They are:

February 4: Midi Onodera and Lisa Steele

February 11: Natalie Kouri-Towe and Logan MacDonald & Hazel Meyer

February 18: Chase Joynt and Syrus Marcus Ware

February 25: Michèle Pearson Clarke and Hannah Jickling & Helen Reed

Please arrive early as space is limited.

All Hands on the Archive concludes on March 4 in the Gladstone Hotel Ballroom (1214 Queen Street West) at 8:00 PM with a closing party that features a commissioned performance by local artistSharlene BamboatRebels Rule, a special screening featuring Will Munro’s films and his appearances in films, curated by Toronto’s GB Jones, Alex McClelland, Leila Pourtavaf, and Lex Vaughn at 9:00 PM, follows the performance.

Cinenova: All Hands on the Archive is an initiative of the AGYU, the Feminist Art Gallery, and The Power Plant and celebrates the affinities of our collective winter programing. All Hands on the Archive is presented as well in the context of The Power Plant’s exhibition Coming After (10 December, 2011 – 4 March, 2012).

Cinenova: All Hands on the Archive is generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council Art Investment Fund. Special thank you to the Feminist Art Gallery for hosting An Audience of Enablers Cannot Fail.

Will Munro: History, Glamour, Magic is on exhibition at AGYU from January 11 – March 11, 2012. The exhibition is generously sponsored by Salah Bachir and Jacob Yerex.

Mystic Pizza: The Wedge of Intention


We were invited to produce Mystic Pizza at the Artists’ Soup Kitchen, a project organized by Jess Dobkin, Stephanie Springgay, Catherine Clarke and Karen Wielonda.  Visitors chose from four pizzas: The Patron, The Art Star, The Scream and The Artist’s Statement.  Crusts, crumbs and grease spots were divined by our amazing readers: Lisa Smolkin, Michael Freeman, Maya Suess, Jacob Ireland, Matias Rozenberg and Coco Taylor.  Thanks to Julie Smitka for all of the photos.

hello T.O.

Helen and I have just arrived back in Toronto to work with Dr. Stephanie Springgay at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto on Stephanie’s SSHRCC-funded research project entitled The Pedagogical Impulse.

The Pedagogical Impulse is a platform for research-creation concerned with contemporary art’s paradigmatic re-orientation towards the educational. The project will orient itself around a series of artist residencies that will take place across a number of educational sites (K-12 classrooms, teacher education programs, graduate programs, and community spaces) in order to examine how artists are engaging with educational concepts as spaces for the development of new critical practices, and the potential transformative engagements that occur when such art practices are located in schools…”


Helen and I have been invited to produce a meal project for:


Toronto, January 9 – February 13, 2012: For six Monday afternoons this winter, artists are invited to a FREE HOT LUNCH at the ARTISTS’ SOUP KITCHEN. Each week is hosted by different artists who will bring their creative practices to The ARTISTS’ SOUP KITCHEN. Lunches include a Dr. Seuss homage by artist Ulysses Castellanos offering green eggs and ham on January 9 and mystic pizza crust divination readings by Helen Reed and Hannah Jickling on Janaury 16. Documentation from the ARTISTS’ SOUP KITCHEN will be used to create a printed catalogue/recipe book that includes recipes, images from participating artists and critical writing about the project. The ARTISTS’ SOUP KITCHEN is presented by the Starving Artists Collective: Catherine Clarke, Jess Dobkin and Stephanie Springgay.

FREE hot lunch for artists
A different menu each week
Mondays from 12-3pm
The Raging Spoon Cafe
761 Queen Street West, Toronto
Wheelchair accessible space.

Monday, January 9: Ulysses Castellanos
Monday, January 16: Helen Reed and Hannah Jickling
Monday, January 23: Tobaron Waxman
Monday, January 30: Natalyn Tremblay
Monday, February 6: Annie Cheung
Monday, February 13: Swintak

Made possible with support from the Toronto Arts Council and Social Sciences and Research Council of Canada.



Hot off the Danish press!  This little book documents ‘A Baker’s Dozen for the Goose Tower,’ a project by Mark Dion in which he invites 12 artists to re-make an artifact based only on it’s description (written and sent on a postcard).  Mine is the toy horse, check out the two-page spread!   This project was part of a larger festival in Vordingborg, Denmark (Summer 2010), called Tumult.


Saying goodbye to a lot of people and adieu to the mummy jar, the weather mug and the gold rimmed polka dot tumbler.  Moving is so strange.



We just got back from a sunny week in LA where we saw friends, family, freeways, fine art, psychics, body builders, surfers, korean baths and more…



Went to Seattle this weekend with Julie Perini and Jamie Dawson…I got to sleep in this room full of drying walnuts.

Dill Pickle Club teach-in tonight


Finally had the chance to see Jesse and Morgan’s piece of pakora in the shape of SIMBA… witness this striking resemblance.  One of my favorite examples of pareidolia so far…


Jackie’s kitten JayJay is the newest member of our household.  I caught her having an afternoon nap on my bed… it is rare to find her still and not  galloping down the hall hunting earplugs, feathers, plants and flies.  We love JayJay in our lives!


Howard Halloween

More tarp

Howard Huts

My project at Outdoor School is about to begin, follow the progress here…and check out recent thoughts about building with sticks…

“When I turned to sculpting with saplings…I had to figure out what birds, beavers and other natural shelter builders already knew about branches and twigs. That is, they have an inherent method of joining. If you drag a small stick through the woods, you’ll see what I mean. The top entangles with everything.”

- From ‘Yardworking’ an interview with Patrick Dougherty in Art Nature Dialogues by John K. Grande. Page 16.

Paradise Tarp (or Space Based Tarp), for Space Based Art

It was a great honour to be invited to contribute to Recess Gallery’s first exhibition at their new space.  During the epic tarp production, the endless blue-sky, hibiscus, palm and surfer prints lent new meaning to the idea of a sweat-shop, just as Rebecca Solnit’s reflections on her new book (a podcast we listened to during the-making-of), offered desperate, humorous and strangely up-lifting twists to the notion of ‘A Paradise Built in Hell’ and the wake of devastating tropical storms.

If you’re in Portland, I urge you to check out the show and the tarp, and to spend some time with the calamity of tropical textile design.

Press release:

Space-Based Arts Festival
Opening Reception:
September 2nd, 2011 – Friday
6:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

1127 SE 10th Avenue
Portland, OR 97214

The Space-Based Arts Festival is RECESS’s inaugural show at their new venue within SE. ‘Space’ is all around us, it’s all-encompassing. Any and all goings-on are mediated by and predicated on it. Its parameters are so inclusive that it ceases to be meaningful. Well it doesn’t have to be meaningful to us for it to have a very serious impact on our day to day – both by tripping us up, giving us a surface to stand on, and all the stuff in between. As our attention becomes more and more rapt towards bright and shiny screen technologies, the rest of the space gets dulled out and forgotten. The artists selected for SBA adopt multiple strategies for negotiating our experience with(in) it.

Made from a collection of over 200 tropical shorts, skorts, shirts and skirts, Hannah Jickling presents Paradise Tarp, or Space-Based Tarp, for Space-Based Art.  For residents of the Pacific Northwest, this portable shelter will promise protection and vacation from the elements.

Hannah Jickling is from the Canadian north and currently lives and works between Portland, Toronto and the Yukon. She received her BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (2003), and her MFA (Art and Social Practice), from Portland State University (2010). She is currently the artist-in-residence at the Multnomah Education Service District’s Outdoor School.

Space-Based Arts Festival opens at RECESS Friday, September 2nd, at 6:30 p.m. and will be available for viewing by appointment during the month of September. Press affiliates are welcome to contact RECESS to schedule advance viewings.

1127 SE 10th Avenue
Portland, OR 97214

Hannah Jickling [hannahjickling.com]
Zoe Stal
Derek Bourcier [derekbourcier.blogspot.com]
Kyle Thompson [kylejohnthompson.com]
Weston Smith [morenovalleycontemporary.ca]
RECESS [recessart.com]

‘elln degeneris’ at sword and fern

Misspelled-celebrity-lesbian-graffiti from outside the Oak Leaf Steam Baths on Bathurst – in Toronto.  Transferred to a limited edition of  hand-made canvas/denim bags – made by me.  These are now available, in a variety of colours, at Sword and Fern – in Portland.

Down with dressing down


Dress-Up Gang is a proposed affinity group for liberation and the development of increasingly more and more fabulous versions of one’s self through solidarity, freak-fashion exploration, mutual aid, wardrobe and accessory sharing, emotional support, reflection and critique, photo opportunities, stylist-skill-building, make-up tips, alteration, consultation, influence pooling and power in numbers.  The first convening of this group-to-be will coincide the the STAG’s (Strathcona Art Gallery) last event in it’s current incarnation.

class has begun

Our summer class, The Wanderer, has begun!  We are following people, PSU-parkouring, archiving desire lines and more.  The image above is Shelly Siebert’s ‘anti-social path’ re-posted from our class blog.

the first fruits of my border crossing

Yesterday we woke up in Vancouver and got dressed for success at U.S. Customs and Immigration.  It was noted that Helen looked like a professional professor, while my dressed-up style made me look more like a professional stand-up comic.  After at least a month of full time hustling for new visa status (thank you to everyone who helped out), Helen and I re-entered the U.S.A. yesterday on our new visas.  What a relief, our outfits worked.

On our way home to Portland, we stopped in Seattle to look for sneakers.  Helen got a sensible and fashionable pair of new shoes, and though I was being ‘picky’, I did get these not-crocs-not-loafers (clown shoes) on sale.   And a pair of wizard socks to match.  Here’s to a new visa, new footwear and another 5 months in Portland!

oregon summer

Mitchell, Oregon.
The Picture Frame, Mitchell, Oregon.
Curiosities unlimited.
Mitchell, Oregon.
The Painted Hills.
The Painted Hills.
Emoticon landscape.
Painted hills, painted hat.
Where's Helen?
The Palisades at Dusk.
The Oregon Caves National Monument.
The Oregon Caves National Monument.
The Sandy River.
Stalactite-like-lichen outside at the Oregon Caves National Monument.
Backyard picnic with watermelon margaritas and a single pink cupcake.
Swimming in the Sandy River!
The Sandy River.
Trillium Lake.


Fancyland kitchen.
Fancy chimes, fancy shadows.
Fancyland sightseeing and souvenirs.
Bumming around with Zavisha.
Bums on a log.

Helen and I finally made it to Fancyland in Northern California.  It was a 10 year anniversary party for queers living on the land in style.  Thanks for all of our hosts (especially Sacha), for making us feel at home and for showing us some radical campfire nightlife.

which do you like better?

No theory, no cry

Same feeling, different words.  The great Hazel Meyer and the great Irit Rogoff are jamming on some grrrreeeeeaaaat ideas.  Thanks to Hazel for giving me one of her t-shirts in Toronto and thanks to Transformazium for pointing me towards Irit Rogoff’s ‘What is a Theorist?”

miniature sculpture gardens

Willamette River, 2011.  Photo by Dillion Derive.
Willamette River, 2011.  Photo by Dillion Derive.
Willamette River, 2011.  Photo by Dillion Derive.
Willamette River, 2011.  Photo by Dillion Derive.
Willamette River, 2011.  Photo by Dillion Derive.
Willamette River, 2011.  Photo by Dillion Derive.
Willamette River, 2011.  Photo by Dillion Derive.
Willamette River, 2011.  Photo by Dillion Derive.
Willamette River, 2011.  Photo by Dillion Derive.

More from the Wanderer…

The Wanderer, Willamette River, Oregon, 2011. Photo courtesy of Dillion Derive!
The Wanderer, Willamette River, Oregon, 2011. Photo courtesy of Dillion Derive!
The Wanderer, Willamette River, Oregon, 2011. Photo courtesy of Dillion Derive!
The Wanderer, Willamette River, Oregon, 2011. Photo courtesy of Dillion Derive!
The Wanderer, Willamette River, Oregon, 2011. Photo courtesy of Dillion Derive!
The Wanderer, Willamette River, Oregon, 2011. Photo courtesy of Dillion Derive!
The Wanderer, Willamette River, Oregon, 2011. Photo courtesy of Dillion Derive!
The Wanderer, Willamette River, Oregon, 2011. Photo courtesy of Dillion Derive!
The Wanderer, Willamette River, Oregon, 2011. Photo courtesy of Dillion Derive!
The Wanderer, Willamette River, Oregon, 2011. Photo courtesy of Dillion Derive!
The Wanderer, Willamette River, Oregon, 2011. Photo courtesy of Dillion Derive!
The Wanderer, Willamette River, Oregon, 2011. Photo courtesy of Dillion Derive!
The Wanderer, Willamette River, Oregon, 2011. Photo courtesy of Dillion Derive!
The Wanderer, Willamette River, Oregon, 2011. Photo courtesy of Dillion Derive!
The Wanderer, Willamette River, Oregon, 2011. Photo courtesy of Dillion Derive!
The Wanderer, Willamette River, Oregon, 2011. Photo courtesy of Dillion Derive!
The Wanderer, Willamette River, Oregon, 2011. Photo courtesy of Dillion Derive!
The Wanderer, Willamette River, Oregon, 2011. Photo courtesy of Dillion Derive!
The Wanderer, Willamette River, Oregon, 2011. Photo courtesy of Dillion Derive!
The Wanderer, Willamette River, Oregon, 2011. Photo courtesy of Dillion Derive!

returning to toronto with pineapple pants

Helen (pictured here), and I return to Toronto this week for the first time in nearly three years!  We will be there for meetings for an upcoming project,  The Pedagogical Impulse, with Stephanie Springgay and other TBD artists and researchers.  We are thrilled!


From: James Woycke, “Au Naturel: the History of Nudism in Canada,” (Etobicoke, ON: Federation of Canadian Naturists, 2003).  Thanks Amish!

Raumars taiteilijavierasohjelma

Just got accepted for an artist residency at Raumars (in Rauma, Finland), for the fall of 2012!  I will be collaborating on a project there with Rasti-Lukko, the local orienteering club.

what it looks like to camp on a golden gravel bar at the beginning of summer

After months of preparation, I have just returned from ‘The Wanderer,’ a graduate course that I co-taught with Helen. During our three days on the river, I was the most relaxed and contented I’d been for months.  I wish I could be back on this gravel bar now…

“The Wanderer is a course that centers preparation and conversation around a 3-day canoe trip on the Willamette River.  Starting at Independence and ending at Champoeg State Park, this combination studio (canoedio), seminar and experiential education course will navigate ideas of wandering, aimlessness and alternate view points – taking a canoe trip as the place/space/experience where unknown course content is generated as a down-stream progression.

The Wanderer will draw on examples from contemporary art but will also offer moments respite and reflection (away from the ‘art world’), as valuable components of an art practice.  We recognize that there are diverse forms of art production and that research can take many forms – we are excited about this canoe trip as a way to practice and live through these ideas together.”

art at outdoor school – funded!

It’s been almost a year of intermittent meetings and brainstorming with the amazing people at The Multnomah Education Service District’s OUTDOOR SCHOOL – we just got funded.  I will be artist, researcher and collaborator in residence – still sorting out the details.  Super excited and getting ready to dive in.

Gear, Meatheads, meat salad and prosthetics for outdoor adventure

Last weekend I did a one-day whitewater rescue course to brush up on skills and to think through emergency scenarios on the river.  This entailed a fascinating morning and a harrowing afternoon on a small, fast river in Washington State.  The day was filled with mechanical-advantage-practice, more physics, knot-tying, appropriated tribal imagery, extreme-sports-wild-child-bumper-stickers, thousands of dollars of gear, non-verbal-heroic-white-men, a group lunch (with salami in the salad), swimming in rapids and an accidental drop over ‘Rattlesnake Falls.’

I returned to Portland after 30 ice-cream headaches, after using-up all of a three month adrenaline quota and with water jammed through every opening in my head.  It took me a while to get out of the shock (I cried one week later), and it left me wondering about the kinds of feelings this picture signifies.  Nylon rope and webbing, prusiks, carabiners and pulleys… I think these objects tell a story about who gets to participate in the wild, on a river.  Or maybe they communicate more of a feeling, a sort of bad feeling.   I kept thinking, where does imagination get to happen and when does gear take over?  What does an outdoor space for queers, misfits, visionaries, people-of-colour and low-income adventurers look like?

open engagement

I will be participating in Open Engagement this weekend – sharing some thoughts at Julie Perini and Amy Harwood’s discussion ‘Getting in the Way’ (about art and activism) and also at the art and education summit on Sunday afternoon.

Nesto Island Nettle harvest

Helen and I went on a scouting mission on the Willamette Water trail this past weekend (we are taking out class there in May).  We found an unnamed gravel-bar island just north of Salem and collected rocks and nettles and sun on our pale bodies.  Thanked the nettles for their contribution to my dinner (nettle pesto) and didn’t get stung.

Pumpkin boat hydrodynamics

I just took part in Farm School’s first skill share at Wealth Underground Farm.  I explained a little bit about hull design and had people help me brainstorm ideas for improving the hydrodynamics of giant pumpkins.


jurassic parky aftermath

Note Laura Dern’s pleated khaki shorts, dino-tulips, prehistoric flowers and green jello.  Many scenes were recreated on SUPER 8 which will eventually be developed and then transferred to dv and then edited…


Heading to FATE

In less than a week, I’ll be at the Foundations in Art: Theory and Education Conference in St. Louis, MO presenting on a panel with Pat Boas and Robin Corbo from Portland State University.

Summerhill, Revised IN C MAGAZINE

The new issue of C-Magazine, themed ‘Knowledge,’ is hot off the press.  It features a removable centerfold mini zine and Summerhill pin-up poster designed by myself and Helen Reed.  Stephanie Springgay has written a related piece, also published here.  This project is based around the work we did with A.S. Neill’s controversial ‘Summerhill: A Radical Approach to Child Rearing’ (1962) while working with a group of students, teachers and researchers at the University of British Columbia last fall.  Under the auspices of the ‘Becoming Pedagogical’ SSHRC-funded research project, we were invited to be artists in residence in the art-teacher education program at UBC – this project was derived from the work we did there!

The research team included: Rita Irwin, Donal O Donoghue, Stephanie Springgay, Adrienne Boulton-Funke, Natalie LeBlanc, Heidi May and Valerie Triggs.

The students we worked with were: Anna Ryoo, Stanna Cermakova, Claire Williams, Esther Shoop, Gillian Smith, Heather Toomer, Jamie Smith, Jessica Millikan, Joanna Jedrzejcyk, Jonathan Lorne, Judy Leung, Julia Lim, Kay Pham, Kt Zydek, Landon Shantz, Linda Chen, Linna Song, Lyndsey Gantert, Mark Mitchell, Mehran Modarres, Peter Shin, Roxanne Ganon, Safi Arnold, Shanaaz Mackay, Shirley Chan and Zac Pinette.

Still life with teaching package

I have finally finished assembling my teaching package.  Here are a few piled together (the satisfaction!) ready to get shipped out…

Conference of Conferences

I will be participating in the upcoming Conference of Conferences (organized by Ariana Jacob and Helen Reed) at Field Work this-coming weekend.  In response to Claire Bishop’s lecture ‘Is everyone an artist?’, I will be talking about the experience of being ‘moved’ as a mode of response and evaluation of cultural movements, events and artworks.  I will be talk about this with specific relation to the role of social networking amidst the wave of popular demonstrations in the Middle East and North Africa.

Mystic Pizza resurfaces…

In the spring of 2009, Helen Reed, Jen Kovach and I created ‘Mystic Pizza’ at the Signal and Noise Media Festival in Vancouver.  We  opened a pizza shop and made all of our own pizza.  For three dollars, festival attendees could get a piece of pizza and have their crust read through pizza divination.

Amy and Theresa were a new couple and came to the Mystic Pizza snack den.  During their crust reading, they sought advice about whether to co-purchase a 1976 Chevy Malibu Classic.  Their reading was positive – three years and one road-trip down the california coast later, the Malibu was auctioned at a fundraiser for Access Gallery.  Amy contacted us to see if we would create an add-on for the car, so we created a pizza crust keychain pictured here.